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HOLLYWOOD - Producing as early as 1929 to 1980's 

Founded by the Bloxidge Brothers in Birmingham.
Mainly producing for Woolworth Stores.

AMERIK -  (Amerikaner) 1869 - unknown
Founded in 1869 by Friedrich Speidel in Pforzheim southwest Germany. Company moved to Providence R.I. in 1904 later becoming the SPEIDEL Co.  

Producing sterling and gold-plated pocket watch chains, seed pearl sautoir necklaces, watch bracelets and delicate lever back earrings.  

Style - Art Deco heavy yet delicate engravings and inlays, often featuring a small fish scale pattern, while many later pieces from the Art Nouveau period were set with a number of rare and semiprecious stones.  

Pieces are signed Amerik followed by SP, AD (D meaning the item is double plated- items created with this process basically were of 9kt or 333 to 375/1000 gold) or and occasionally K&L.