Hobbeads Corner


As we complete more and more jewelry reveals we accumulate new pieces created by different designers and companies. We will continue to grow our inventory of jewelry hallmarks here and we will do our best to add the history behind the mark. Feel free to share photos of marks you come across and the history behind them via email hobbeads@hotmail.com. We will add these to the list! 

1937-1981 Larry & Daniel Kasoff (nee Kosovsky)

  • Jewelry brand is named after Dans mother Florenza.
  • Predominate style " Victorian Revival and Renaissance."
  • Pastel and frosted rhinestones, cameos, some hand-carved shell.
  • Other exclusive finishes were “Florenza Gold,” “French Gold” and “French Rose.” 
  • Used only the finest stones from Austria, Germany, and the East
  • Designed for CAPRI and ART, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Coro, Weiss, Hattie Carnegie, Kramer
  • Sold at up scale department stores-Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue
  • After the death of Dan Kasoff-led by his son–Larry Kasoff who was in a motor vehicle accident
  • 1981 business closed